Purchase Download Credits

With Piktochart's Free plan, users have a limit of  two downloads per Workspace.

However, if you don't want to upgrade to our Pro plan for unlimited downloads, we offer a pay-per-download option where you can simply pay for additional downloads! 

You will see the option to upgrade to Pro or purchase downloads once you've reached the free download limit, when you click the Get more downloads button, or when you select the Download option in the Editor. 

Purchasing extra downloads

Whenever you click on the Download option at the top menu in the Editor, you will see how many downloads you have available, and you'll also see the option to Get more downloads

Follow these steps to purchase additional downloads:

 Click the  Download button.
 Click  Get more downloads.
 Select  Buy downloads credits.
 Select the number of download credits you'd like to purchase using the arrows and click  Next: Payment details.

Select your payment method and/or add a coupon (you can pay with a debit/credit card or PayPal) and enter your payment details. Finally, click Pay Now.
The download prices are displayed exclusive of tax — the tax rate is then applied during checkout.

You'll then be asked to authenticate the purchase if you purchase with a debit/credit card.

And that's it! Once the payment goes through, you'll see the following pop-up:

If you purchase any number of downloads and then decide to upgrade to the Pro subscription, the charge will be prorated accordingly.  

Common Questions

Why do I receive a receipt from Paddle? 

Paddle is our online reseller and Piktostory's Merchant of Record (MOR). In other words, Paddle is a payment gateway on Piktostory to manage all payments and transactions securely.

All transactions on Piktostory in regards to the subscription plan go through Paddle. If you are a subscriber to one of Piktostory's available plans, you would be receiving emails from Paddle to notify you about the status of your payment.
In addition, in your bank statements, you would also notice a transaction named "PADDLE.NET * PIKTOSTORY" for the payments you've made.
To learn more about Paddle's security and how they handle sensitive information, you can refer to their Privacy Policy.

How many downloads can I purchase?

You can purchase up to 25 downloads at one time. 

Can I get a refund for a download I purchased?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for download credits at this time. 

My download did not appear properly. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry for this issue! Please reach out to our Support Team with your download issue so we can take a further look. 

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