Templates in Piktochart Video

If you want to spruce up your projects and clips even more, we've just introduced a new feature where you can add a template to your videos!

You can choose between our available templates to add to your videos, and each template contains a different colored background, fonts, and placements for your title and subtitles. 

How it works

Choose the project or clip you'd like to work on.
Click on the Templates option on the left panel.

Choose your preferred template. You can scroll down to view more options.
You can also select templates in the respective aspect ratios from the drop-down panel on top of the preview panel. 

You can adjust the placement of the title and subtitles by clicking on them and after the blue box appears, drag it to your desired spot.

Common Questions

Can I save the templates to use on different projects?

If you are a Pro user, you can add a template to your Saved Templates section for quick access and to use for future projects. Simply choose a template from the list or customize your own template. Then, click the Add Template button at the top of the Templates section, name it, and click Save.

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