Adding a Graphic Overlay in Piktochart Video

Adding a graphic overlay to your video using the Piktochart Video editor is quite simple! Here are the steps:

Adding an Overlay

Select your Project from your Piktochart Video dashboard
Select the Transcript option on the left panel
Highlight the section in the transcript where you want the overlay to appear

Click Add Visual
Click Upload Image and select your image file
Click on the image you want to use for your video

Click and drag your image anywhere on your video

Common Questions

How do I delete the overlay?

To delete your overlay, click on the overlay in the video preview and then click on the X at the top. 

How do I know in which section I inserted an overlay?

You will see an image icon in your transcript next to where you inserted an overlay so that you can easily keep track of where you've inserted any images in your video and when they should appear. 

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