Repurposing Your Video in 3 steps

Repurpose your videos into multiple bite-sized video clips easily with these 3 simple steps! 

Uploading/Importing Video  🔼

Once you have logged into your Piktochart account, you will first land on your Piktochart Visual's Dashboard by default. 

Select Piktochart Video from the left tab to switch over to your Piktochart Video Dashboard!

Then, upload or import your video files from your computer from the available options: 

  • Directly record from your webcam or a screencast
  • Upload a video file from your computer
  • Import from your Google Drive 
  • Import a Zoom recording

You can learn more about how to Import your Video here! 

Editing Video 📽️

You should see your uploaded video under  Projects

Click to select your  Project and you will see that your video has been transcribed.

Now,  edit your transcript by clicking on the text panel on the left and edit the text, similar to how you would edit a text document. 

You would see that your video captions be updated immediately from the preview on the right! 

Export Video 📁

You can choose to either export your video as a whole project or short bite-sized clips! 

To  export your video as a whole, simply click on the Export button on the top panel. You will be asked to name your project. 

To  export a short clip of your video, highlight with your cursor to select a portion of your transcript. Click on the Export button.

Once exported, you can find the exported clip under Clips on your Piktochart Video Dashboard.

There you go! Download your video clips to your computer or share them directly to your social media pages for everyone to view! 

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