The products that we offer for resale are:

  • Individual annual PRO
  • Piktochart for Teams (minimum 2 seats)  
  • Education/Non-profit individual PRO
  • Classroom bulk purchase (20 licenses and above)
  • PRO Team Education/Non-profit (starts at 2 seats)

To become a reseller of Piktochart PRO or PRO Team (including EDU / Non-profit), please contact us with the following information, including:

  1. Your company email (generic email domains will not be considered resellers).
  2. How many licenses you wish to purchase, and the type.
  3. For whom you are purchasing (enterprise, education, non-profit, For EDU/Nonprofits, we need verification from the client such as a copy of staff, teacher, or student ID).

Please note that after the purchase has been made, your client must contact us directly for any support or questions to protect their information.

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