Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode allows you (or anyone to whom you give the URL) to present your work in a presentation-optimized view, much like a slide show.

For best results, we recommend you choose a Template from the Presentation category to begin. 

From the editor, via the URL generated using the Share option. 
Then, from this page, click  Show Presentation.

If you want others to view your work in Presentation Mode, publish your visual and enable the option Anyone can view the Sharing Link, and provide the viewers with the URL as shown above.

Here is a second way to see your visual in Presentation mode. 

Go to your Dashboard
Hover over the visual you wish to present, and you'll see three dots in the top right corner. Click this, then Present, and your visual will go straight into Presentation Mode

Common Questions

How can I navigate my work in Presentation Mode?

Once you’re in Presentation Mode, you’ll see the options to navigate your work on the bottom of the screen. There’s an option to hide this menu and to bring it back to view - you only need to click on the visible arrow on the bottom left.

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