Business Plan

By subscribing to the Business plan, you will unlock a range of powerful features to improve your brand consistency, boost brand recognition, and allow your team to create powerful, stunning content. Here's what you will enjoy:


You can create UNLIMITED visuals in Piktochart.


You will also have unlimited storage to upload your own images and SVGs.

Ensure you stay on brand by setting your own Brand Color Palettes, Brand Fonts, Brand Logos, and Brand Color Schemes.
Once you've finished designing, you may export in PDF or as a higher-resolution image than in Free. You can also export your Presentations in the PPT format.
If you're publishing your visual directly through the Piktochart app, you may also  password - protect your output.
Organize your visuals in  folders - super handy as your library grows!
Save your most used assets so that you can reuse them whenever you need with the My Library feature, where you'll be able to save an unlimited number of assets!

Upgrade to the Business plan right from our Pricing Page!

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