Resizing Objects

To resize the graphics on your canvas, use the square image handlers at the corners of your graphic. These image handlers will appear when you select (click on) the graphic. You will also notice four circle type handlers on the top, bottom, left, and right.

These handlers will help you to change the height and width of the image, making the element wider or more narrow.

Your cursor will turn into a two-way arrow when you mouseover the square or circle image handlers.

To resize proportionally: hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard as you click and drag to resize the image or icon proportionally, preserving the width-to-height ratio of the image or icon as you move the corners of the image to enlarge or shrink it. 

You can undo actions by using the Undo/Redo buttons at the top menu toolbar, or use keyboard shortcuts CTRL-Z to undo and CTRL-Y to redo. 

Fine-tune the look of your icon's direction by using the circle rotate handler on the top center of your image. Here is how to accomplish this:

You can reset your graphic by double-clicking the rotate handler (the dot at the top). By doing so you will return your selected graphic to its original form.

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