Cut, Copy & Paste Objects

There are two ways in which you can copy, paste or delete elements from your canvas.


Use right-click on any object of your canvas

Right-click on the object you need to copy or cut and select the option you need. If you need to paste an object, right-click where you need to paste the object and select said option.


 Use keyboard shortcuts

Piktochart is responsive to common keyboard shortcuts.

Use CTRL+C(or CMD+C for Mac users) to Copy,

Use CTRL+X (or CMD+X for Mac users) to Cut, and

Use CTRL+V(or CMD+V for Mac users) to Paste.

You can use Backspace or Delete to delete elements from your canvas.

To Undo, use CTRL+Z (or CMD+Z for Mac users), and

To Redo, use CTRL+Y (or CMD+Y for Mac users)

It is possible to copy/cut and paste elements from one template to another. Check out our Copying a Block article to learn more!
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