Moving Objects

There are a few methods by which you can move graphics around on your canvas.

Copy, Cut, Paste

Use the copy, cut and paste tools on your toolbar, or use your keyboard shortcuts to do so. 


Simply click to select the graphic element you would like to move and drag it into position. 

You can easily duplicate the elements if you holding  ALT + dragging the element. 

Use arrow keys

Move graphic elements on your canvas using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click to select the graphic, and then move it up, down, left or right.

You can undo all actions by using the Undo/Redo buttons at the menu toolbar on top, or you can use keyboard shortcuts CTRL-Z to undo and CTRL-Y to redo. 

You can also hold the shift key while selecting multiple graphic elements to move or resize them all at the same time!
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