Moving Objects

There are a few methods by which you can move graphics and elements around on your canvas. 

Copy, Cut, Paste

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can copy, cut and paste your objects or elements easily! 

  • Use CTRL+C(or CMD+C for Mac users) to Copy,
  • Use CTRL+X (or CMD+X for Mac users) to Cut, and
  • Use CTRL+V (or CMD+V for Mac users) to Paste.
  • You can use Backspace or Delete to delete elements from your canvas.



Simply click with your mouse to select the graphic element you would like to move. 


Hold and drag it to the intended position. 


Tap again and done! 

Using arrow keys

Move graphic elements on your canvas using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 


Click to select the graphic element.

Using your keyboard arrows, move your graphics - up, down, left or right. 

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