Copying a block

At the moment Piktochart does not have a feature that permits you to copy a block as whole, but we can offer a workaround to  copy objects or groups of objects from a single block and paste those on a different visual.

To do this:

Open your original visual in the  Editor. Next, open a second browser tab on Piktochart. 
Choose a new blank template and open it into  Editing mode in the second browser tab.
On the original visual, click to select the block, and then using keyboard shortcut, press  CTRL+A (Windows) or CMD+A (Mac) to select all objects on the block. 

You should be able to see a large square box surrounding the objects on the block, and several dotted lines for each object. This indicates that all of the objects are selected.


Once selected, use shortcut CTRL+C (Win) or CMD+C (Mac) to copy the selected elements. 

Go to the second visual in the second browser tab. 

Using keyboard shortcut  CTRL+V (Win) or CMD+V (Mac), paste all objects onto the block. All objects should then have the same position on the new block as they had on the original. You can move all of the objects at once by dragging the grouping on your new canvas.

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