Sharing Piktochart using Email

It is not possible to use an embed code from Piktochart in email newsletters because it contains an iframe element that spam filters and won't let you pass through. Email clients such as Outlook, Google as well as most others do not accept various scripts in emails, which means that they will block and tag your email as spam. 

Nonetheless, there are still ways to insert your Piktochart project/visual into your email! There are 3 ways you can do this:

Insert link to your published visual

With this option, your readers will be able to view the online version of your visual with full interactivity. 


Download as an image and insert the image in-line into the email body

Please note that PNG files do not contain active hyperlinks because these are static images. Interactive options will not be available with this method. 


Download as PDF/PNG and insert as an attachment

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