Browser Compatibility

Piktochart works best if you'll use the latest version of either Chrome or Firefox.

Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari and older versions of Mozilla Firefox are not known to work optimally with Javascript, which is required for Piktochart to function correctly.

However, there are some occasions in which you may find that the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Safari actually do work with Piktochart. If so, that's great!

Here's some more detail about browser compatibility:

Not supported:

IE10 and below

Firefox 3.6 and below

Safari 6 and below

Not recommended-but workable:

Chrome, version : 55 and below

Firefox, version : 51 and below

Safari, version : 8 and below

Edge, version : 13 and below

IE version : 11 and below

*for these browsers, we cannot ensure they will always work properly. However, if you only have access to one of these browsers, you may use them at your own risk.

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