Application for Education Plan/Discount

Many Piktochart users are teachers just like you and take advantage of our $39.99 Annual PRO Education package. You are also eligible for our 4-month and 12-month Classroom PRO plan, enabling your students to get creative with their visuals!

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Teachers 
  • Staff (e.g., Librarian, School/University Admin, etc.)
  • Students of a public or private (primary or secondary) school/university 
All schools/universities must be registered with an authorized governmental agency.

You can access the special pricing on our Piktochart for Education page while logged in. 

If you are signed up to Piktochart with a .org or .edu email address, you will be able to make a payment directly from the Education pricing page.

If not: 

Change your sign-in email to your .edu or .org email address.
If your email address is not accepted by our system, you can click No educational/non-profit email to proceed to a manual application where you will need to upload a copy of an identification document that proves your affiliation with a non-profit or educational institution.

Acceptable Documentation For Upload:

  • License/certification indicating teaching qualification
  • Documentation of employment status at educational institution
  • Work ID indicating teacher status or affiliation with school/education institution
  • Homeschool Association Membership Letter or Membership Card

Many teachers from all over the world choose Piktochart to help teach, make announcements, and make learning visual and fun.

Don't forget to visit our Education Blog section for more resources. Signing up to our blog and newsletter is a great way to sharpen your Piktoskills and learning the tips and tricks of Piktochart which makes it easy to guide students as well.

If your students cannot receive emails from outside of your network and are using Google accounts, please advise them to sign up using the Google sign-up option, rather than by email address. This will make things easier as it allows them to bypass the confirmation email and start creating right away!

Common Questions

What if I need a Classroom package for Education?

If requesting a discounted rate for bulk subscriptions (bulk is more than 20), please contact us and provide relevant information for us to provide you with a quote.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal, as well as by bank transfer if the purchase is over $199.95 USD.

For classroom bulk subscriptions, there is no master account, and each account is separate and for one user only.

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