You can find our Flyer format templates on the left menu:

Flyers are flexible designs that can be one or two pages. They also can hold a lot more text than a Poster format template, as Iris mentions in our blog article - check out some great FAQs about Flyers there!

As Flyers are extremely flexible, here are a handful of things that you can do with them. You can use them to:

  • Promote your online and brick and mortar business
  • Bring attention to a promotional campaign
  • Make an online announcement about your big day
  • Create buzz around your upcoming event

For Flyer templates, there is no semi-transparent line to adjust height at the end of the block, so you'll use the Settings tab on each block's left border for this. 

If you change one block to be A4, for example, or if you change one block to be 800 px to 600 px,  the size set will apply to ALL blocks.

See the below GIF for a quick preview of some of our Flyer templates!

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