Inviting & Removing Team Members


Inviting a New Team Member

Start collaborating with your teammates by adding them to your workspace! 

To invite a new team member to your team,


Go to the upper right corner Personal Profile iconMember Management to access your Workspace Settings page.

Under the Invite Members to Workspac e section, enter the team member's email address and assign them a role, either as an Admin or Member. Learn more about the Roles in the Team.
Click Invite to send the invitation to the team member. The team member will receive an email notification.
Once they have accepted the invitation, they will be added to the workspace and you may start collaborating! 

If you are inviting an existing Piktochart user, we recommend that you be sure to send the invite to the same email address with which they are already registered on Piktochart.

For users on the Free plan, you can invite up to 3 new members to your team.

If you wish to remove a team member from the workspace and replace them with a different team member, simply click Remove Invitation/Remove Member under the Team Member's email address. 

Once you have deleted a team member, you can re-invite a new member to your current workspace, as long as it is within the workspace quota.

Adding a Seat on the Team

If you wish to invite more than 3 team members under the Free plan or expand your workspace's current quota, you have to make sure that you have a seat available for them! 

To add a seat to your team workspace, 


Go to the upper right corner  Personal Profile button → Member Management.


On the Workspace Settings page, click Adjust Workspace Size. 

Click Add/Remove Seats and adjust the seat number to the desired capacity. Checkout and make payments. 
Once payment has successfully completed, your quota will be adjusted and you may  invite new team members to your workspace! 

When you increase the number of seats on your Workspace in the middle of a billing cycle, you will need to make a one-off payment for the cost of the additional seat(s) on a pro-rata basis.

When you decrease the number of seats on your Workspace in the middle of a billing cycle, you will immediately remove the corresponding number of seats from your Workspace. In order to complete a team quota reduction, the corresponding number of seats should first be made vacant through your Members page.

Common Questions

Does another user need to be a PRO before they can be invited to join my team?

You can add a Piktochart user to your Workspace, whether they are a current Free or PRO user. When you assign them a seat on your Workspace, they obtain access to all features through your Workspace. 

Free users who hold a seat on your Workspace, will only have access to premium features through your Workspace. They will be unable to use PRO features in their personal workspaces.

I have a Pro account. Can I add another seat to my workspace?

Sure! You will be charged for each additional seat in your workspace. You will be charged at a prorated rate for the remainder of the current subscription or credit balance.

What happens to my visuals if I'm no longer with the Workspace?

Regardless, all work produced by any member of a team within the team's workspace remains the property of the team. If a member leaves the Workspace, their visuals transfer by default into the ownership of the team owner. We also keep all the sharing settings as they are, so the new team owner doesn't need to make any new changes.

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