Font files format for Custom Font Upload in Piktochart Visual

Here are the 3 font files format that we support:

  • Open Type Font (.otf)
  • True Type Font (.ttf)
  • Web Open Font Format (.woff)

Why is WOFF highly recommended?

WOFF is compressed - smaller download sizes compared with OTF and TTF. This means that it loads faster compared to OTF and TTF.

E 11 works best with WOFF. If you're facing any issues uploading your font on IE 11, please try using Transfonter to convert your file to WOFF.

How can I convert files to WOFF?

There are many free online tools that you can use to convert files to WOFF. Here are some of our suggestions:



Online Font Converter

Remember to unzip your files before uploading them to Piktochart! Check out our Uploading Custom Fonts article to learn more.

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