Editing Text


Adding a Text Box

Here are the steps to add a text box: 

Click on the  Text section in the  panel on the left and then select any of the  text box hierarchy types depending on their varying font sizes and weightage. 

A typography hierarchy will help to create a structure and organization for your visual so you can establish an order of importance within your visual. 

By default, the fonts are Open Sans but you can edit the fonts. 


Click and drag the box to anywhere on the canvas. Double-click on the text box to edit the text.

Editing a Text Box

You can also change some properties of a single word or selection within a text box. Here are ways you can customize your text in Piktochart: 

Change Text Font


Double-click to edit the text. 

Select a font by clicking on the Font drop-down  on the top menu. You can scroll to view all of your choices. If you have any brand fonts set, they will be listed under Uploaded Fonts, above the available System Fonts listing. 

Change Text Color

To change the color of your text:


Double-click the  text you wish to modify


Click on the  color tile on the top panel beside the Font option. You can change the color by choosing a default color, pasting a #HEX code, or choosing from a color slider and color wheel. Also, you can use our color dropper tool!  


Click anywhere outside of the color tool to set the color.


Once you have set a color, you may also find the selected color under Recent Colors.

Resizing Text Boxes

When you click on a text box, you will notice the handlers at the sides. Simply drag the corner boxes on the left or right to adjust their size according to your needs. With a smaller text box, your text will automatically wrap or overflow to the next line.

You can align your text box with an image or icon with the vertical or horizontal red alignment guidelines that show whenever you move your text box.

TIPS: To apply a style, size, or color to multiple text boxes, hold SHIFT on your keyboard while clicking on all of the text boxes you wish to change.

Rich Text Editor

Our Rich Text Editor allows you to further customize your text. These text customizations are available in the properties menu that pops up when you  double-click a text.

Text Styles 

A text editor pop-up will appear which gives you the option to adjust your text style. Select the  BI,or U icons to Bold, Italicize, or Underline your text. The selected option will apply to the highlighted text. Do note that this option might not be available to some types of fonts. 

To adjust the paragraph alignment of your text, you can select the Text Alignment tool. You can choose from left-align, center, right-align, or justify text alignment settings. 

Bullet List

You can also easily insert a list into your text using the Unordered List icon.  Learn more about this function here!

To remove any list properties, simply click the Unordered List icon again to reset your text. 

Line and Height Spacing 

You can adjust the spacing between lines of text or the height within a text box, up to 5 blank lines after each line of text.  

Common Questions

Why can't I edit my text? 

As the first step in troubleshooting, can you try using the  latest version of either Chrome or Firefox to access Piktochart? There might be instances where other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari can restrict necessary scripting and may prevent Piktochart from working correctly.

How do I fill a text box with color?

To fill a text box with color,


Select a basic square shape and resize the shape. Position it accordingly. 


Layer it to the back of your text box by clicking on the Position button and selecting the To Back option.

How do I add superscript/subscript? 

Currently, we don't offer a way to add in superscripts or subscripts. However, this can be done manually by creating a new textbox and positioning it as desired. Here's an example:

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