Alignment of Objects

The Alignment and Distribution feature is all about controlling the space and alignment between the objects or elements you include in your work. It will help your work look neater, without the hassle of manual estimation and guesswork. There are options to align your texts or objects to the top, middle, bottom, left, center or right. 

It will allow you to:


Distribute the space between the right and left edges, top and bottom edges of nearby elements. 


Align your elements to the left, center, top, and middle. 

The alignment controls can be found grouped under the Position button on the toolbar. 

The individual controls can be accessed by activating the high-level control first. These controls will only be activated when at least 2 elements are selected, such that there are at least two intervening spaces. 

Grouped objects are considered one object.

Aligning Objects

To align the elements to the top, middle, bottom, left, right or center of your visual:


Select the elements by holding and dragging with your mouse over the elements you wish to align. You may also hold CTRL key while selecting to individually select the elements. 


Click the Position button. A dropdown option will appear. 


Under the Align to Page section, select one of the alignment options. In the example, we have selected the left alignment. 

Distributing Elements Evenly

If you have objects that you want to space out evenly (equal distance between objects), you may use the distribution feature.  This alignment control distributes the horizontal (between right and left edges) or vertical (between the top and bottom edges) space between the selected objects evenly as shown below:


Select the elements by holding and dragging with your mouse over the elements you wish to align. 


Click the Position button.  A dropdown option will appear. 


Under the Distribution section, select Horizontal or Vertical. The spaces in between the selected elements will distribute evenly. 

The objects will be spaced evenly horizontally or vertically based on the options that you have chosen.

If a locked element is selected as part of other unlocked objects to apply the alignment controls, then the locked objects do not participate in intervening space calculation or the movement to distribute objects. The locked objects don’t move and they stay in place. The unlocked objects move based on the alignment calculation.

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