Editing Object Colors

The right color scheme can do wonders for catching a person’s attention, making whatever you wish to communicate more impactful! 

To edit object colors in Piktochart:


Click to select the graphic element(s) you would like to change the color.


Click on the square color tile accessible in the top panel to select the color options.  

You can then change the color of the graphic element by choosing a default recent color or clicking the '+' sign  to choose from a color palette. You can also insert a # HEX color code in the column. 
The recently used colors will appear under Recent Colors after selecting them.
Click on the  X button to reset the icon to the original icon color. 
You can only change the color of single-colored icons or mono-colored icons, text, and lines. You won't be able to change the color of multi-colored icons. This is because they contain more than one color tone, texture, and gradient. 

Color Dropper Tool

Another way to select and change the color of your elements is through our Color Dropper or Eyedropper tool! 

The Color Dropper tool can grab specific colors from images, icons, shapes, etc– right into your design. 

Once the color picker is clicked on, you will see a magnifying glass appear wherever you drag your cursor. This magnified view allows you to select the precise color that you want. You can hover over any elements within the page to select the color. Click once to activate the color change.

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