Report Abuse of Content

The information below outlines the types of violations you can report to us through our Help Center:

  • pornographic content
  • gambling activities
  • illegal online activities (for example illegal streaming, illegal downloading, and/or torrents)
  • selling of drugs which are illegal and/or without prescription
  • spamming of text on visuals (for black hat or other improper search engine optimization practices)
  • any propaganda including politically or religiously motivated ones
  • provision of third-party services that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products and/or services advertised, unless otherwise authorized (for example, third-party technical support)

You can read more about our Terms of Use here.

How to report the abuse of content created using Piktochart?

Feel free to report to us via our Customer Support team. 

By reporting potential violations of the Piktochart Terms of Use, you agree to allow us to share parts of your report with third parties, such as the affected account holder when necessary.

How will we process it?

Once you’ve submitted your report, we’ll review it and get back to you as soon as possible. 

If we find that the visual does indeed violate our Terms of Use, we will take the necessary action including but not limited to the deletion of the visual as specified in our Terms of Use.

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