Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that helps protect your Piktochart account in addition to your password. If you set up two-factor authentication, you'll be asked to enter a special login code or confirm your login attempt each time someone tries accessing Piktochart from a device or browser we don't recognize.


To enable two-factor authentication:


Go to the upper right corner  Personal Profile Icon → Account Settings.


On your  Personal Profile tab, scroll


Under Two Factor Authentication, click Change.


Select either  Authentication App or Email OTP 

If you logged in using your email and password, you’ll need to enter your password again; otherwise, you'll need to set a password up.

If you signed in using Google and clicked here, a link to set a password for Two-Factor Authentication has been sent to your email. You may still log in with Google/FB after setting your new password.

  • Authentication App: If you're using an authentication app, you'll see a QR code to scan to add Piktochart. If you cannot use a barcode, you can use the text code. 

  • Email OTP: If you’re using an email OTP, you’ll receive your OTP via email

Enter the 6-digit verification code generated by your authentication app or email, then click Enable 2FA.

The 6-digit verification code is only valid for 30 seconds for the authentication app and 5 minutes for email OTP. 


You’ll find a list of recovery codes. We recommend saving the recovery codes in a password management app such as Lastpass in case you were to lose access to your authenticator app. Each code can only be used one time.

Logging In:

When you set up two-factor authentication on Piktochart, you’ll be asked to choose one of two security methods depending on your setup:

  • Enter 6-digit authentication from a third-party authentication app.
  •  6-digit OTP code from your email

Disable 2FA:


Under Two-Factor Authentication, click Change.


Toggle Authentication App and Email OTP off.


Input your password and click Disable.

Common Questions:

I have issues getting a 6-digit authentication/OTP code.

You can scroll down and click Enter a two-factor recovery code to recover your account.

What are Two-factor Recovery codes?

You should receive a list of recovery codes once you set up Two Factor Authentication. It looks like this 

If you still have issues logging in, you can contact our Support Team.

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