Voucher & Coupon code

You can easily enter a voucher or coupon, but please note the different places you will enter these codes.

Voucher Code (Discount code, ex. “BlackFriday”)

While at Pricing page (special pricing pages for education, non-profit) click Get It Now, then:

Choose the plan you wish to apply to your account.
Click Have a Voucher Code?. Only one code can be applied at a time.
Enter the code exactly as it appears. If possible you can copy & paste it directly. Validate your credit card on Adyen or PayPal for future recurring payments, even if the amount to be paid may be zero due to the code.

Coupon Code (Upgrade code, ex. aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee)

If you have received a code for a free Piktochart upgrade, or have purchased a PRO plan and have a code to redeem, please enter it on Redeem Page while logged into the account you wish to upgrade: 

Not every code may be valid for every plan or duration. You can only redeem a code or voucher if you are a free user. 
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