Piktochart Video gives you the ability to record your screen to create a screencast video. This could be extremely useful if you want to record a video of yourself while you share your screen with your audience, or if you just want to record your screen and a voiceover without using your webcam. 

To begin, click on the Start Recording option in the dashboard. 

Then, follow these steps to start recording your screen:

Allow your camera and microphone to be accessed by clicking Allow in the pop-up window.
Select the option that you would like to record ( Video, Video + Screen, or just Screen).

If you chose Video + Screen or Screen, then you will be able to select if you'd like to record your entire screen, a window, or a specific browser tab, and then click Share.

You'll then need to go back to the Piktochart Video tab and click on the red Record button at the bottom to start the recording process:

Once you want to stop sharing your screen, click on the Stop Sharing option that appears on the screen you are recording. 

You can then go back to the Piktochart Video tab again to Preview your screen recording on the bottom left, and then save the video (click Use Video) or choose to re-record (click Record Again).

If you decide to use the video, it will be uploaded and rendered onto your account where you'll be able to edit it as well as the transcript if you recorded your voice.

Tip: you can export your screen recording by clicking on Export Video at the top of the Editor, and once your screen recording gets saved as a Clip, then you can download it!

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