Piktochart Referral Program

What is the Piktochart Referral Program? How does it work?

The Piktochart Referral Program allows Pro and Business subscribers to refer friends and earn rewards! The more people you refer, the more you earn!

A referral discount is claimed when someone joins Piktochart using your unique referral link and upgrades to any paid plan.

Once your friend (the "referee") has visited your unique referral link, a discount will be automatically applied when they checkout. Once they have successfully subscribed, you (the "referrer") will be automatically credited (after 30 days) and the discount will be applied to your next bill.

How much discount do I get for a successful referral?

The discount you (the "referrer") receives depends on the type of plan your friend (the "referee") subscribes to. For example, if your friend subscribes to Pro Monthly, you'll both get $5 off your next bill. If your friend chooses Pro Annual, you'll both get $25.

Subscription Plan Discount (you and friend)
Pro Monthly $5
Pro Annual $25
Business Monthly $8
Business Annual $45
Education $5
Nonprofit $5

To join the Referral Program, follow these steps:

In your account dashboard, click on Refer a Friend at the bottom of the left panel. You can also access this option from your Account Settings drop-down.
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To copy your unique referral link, click Generate referral link, then Copy. You can also use the social links to share.
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Share your referral code with friends and start earning rewards!

Common Questions

When will I receive the rewards?

Once the person you refer upgrades to a paid plan, you'll be notified via email and your account will be credited 30 days after they upgrade.

Is there an expiration date for the discount?

Yes. You will need to redeem your discount within 2 years of them being rewarded.

How do I apply the discount to my account?

The discount will automatically be applied to your account for your next payment.

Is there a maximum discount I can earn through referrals?

No. You can refer as many people as you like. If the referral credit you receive is more than the cost of your next bill, it will be carried over as a "credit balance" and used on the subsequent payment.

How much discount will I receive for a referral?

Please see the table above for details.

Is the referral discount just for my next bill?

Yes. You will only receive a discount on your next bill. No discount will be applied to future bills unless a new referral is commissioned.

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