Application for Nonprofit Plan

We believe in the importance of doing great work. Our specially discounted plans are available through dedicated pages for non-profit and education users.

If you are signed up to Piktochart with a .org or .edu email address, you will be able to make a payment directly from the Education or Non-profit pricing page.

If not:

  1. You can change your sign-in email to your .edu or .org (or whitelisted) email address by referring to this article here.
  2. If your email address is not accepted by our system, you can click "No educational/non-profit email" to proceed to a manual application where you will need to upload a copy of an identification document that proves your affiliation with a non-profit institution.

Common Questions

Who qualifies for Nonprofit Plan?

Any nonprofit organizations with proper documentation (501(c)(3) tax exemption. If you do not have a (501(c)(3) tax exemption document, you can provide any other documents that can help to verify your organization's status.

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