Using Other Languages/Special Characters

Piktochart is only written in English, however, you can type in any language, that your computer and keyboard support, into a textbox on your canvas. For special characters such as Spanish, for example, you can use the ALT + 164 = ñ.

You will need to turn on the NumLocks on your keyboard in order to use the ALT keys.

Alternatively, you may simply download and switch to the US English (International) keyboard layout/input source on your operating system.

To do this, follow these steps (we are using Windows in this example):

  1. Go to your Windows Settings.
  2. Click on Time and Language > Language and Region.

  1. Click on English (United States) to expand and then select Language Options.

  1. Click the Add a Keyboard button to add a keyboard. Select United States – International from the list.

  1. Now, in the Taskbar, select on the English (United States-International).

Once selected, you should then be able to type in the special characters! You can follow this helpful chart: 

Press and hold the right <ALT> key then press the keys <shown in bold> to make the special characters:

<Right Alt> a e i o u á é í ó ú
<Right Alt> c ©
<Right Alt> n or N ñ Ñ
<Right Alt> r ®
<Right Alt> w  or W å Å
<Right Alt> y or Y ü Ü

On a Mac OS, similarly, download and switch to the US-International keyboard. Then, hold down that key on the keyboard to display an accent menu.

For languages that require special characters (such as Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, etc), you will need to upload special font files that support the language. 

As a PRO user, you have the ability to upload fonts into your account. You can download fonts that support the language and then easily upload the fonts into your account. 

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