Adding and Removing Hyperlink


Adding Hyperlink

One of the most useful things you can do with Piktochart's text editor is to create interactive texts. Links remain clickable by downloading your visual as a PDF or by presenting them in the output URL. You can add hyperlinks to text, elements, and images. 


Select the text box or image that you would like to add a link to. 


Click the link or chain icon at the top of the toolbar. A pop-up will appear for you to insert the URL.


Click Apply or Enter to finish. You will see a link icon on the specific linked element to indicate that it is linked successfully. 


Click Preview to test the inserted link. 

Removing Links

Click to  select the text box or  element with the hyperlink. 
Click the  link or chain icon again. 
Delete or backspace the URL in the link pop-up box. 
Click Apply or Enter to finish. 

Only external URLs will function. Intranet URLs and links will not function. If you want to set up an email link, you can use the mailto: command, for example, mailto:[email protected]


How do I view my hyperlinks? 

Your hyperlinks will only be activated when they are Previewed, downloaded in PDF, or published in the output URL. Image formats such as PNG are static images and do not support hyperlinks.  

Can I customize the color of my hyperlinked text? 

Yes, you can! Simply edit the text colors as usual via the color wheel feature.

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