Downloading Visual

Once you are done with your visual, you can download your visual to bring your visual offline! Here's how:


In the Editor, click the Download button on the top panel. 


Select the desired file type from the drop-down menu on the left of the pop-up. If you are a Business user, you can opt to download in PDF format as well. 


Select the download quality, either in Normal, Medium, or High quality. Choose High quality if you intend to print your visual.


Select the Download as Pages option if you would like to download your visual in separate blocks/pages within 1 PDF file. If you do not check this option, your downloaded visual will appear in a long-form format with no separation or lines between pages. This option is ideal if you need to view and share this offline. 

Your download process will start. Open your download file from your computer folder once completed. 
If you choose to download in PNG format, your downloads will appear in a .zip file. Extract the .zip file to retrieve the PNG files. 

Common Questions

Why is the size of my visual so big after download?

If you choose the  Medium or High quality for download, it will x2 (Medium) and x3 (High) the current size you have on your Editor. This helps with the resolution when you try to fit a bigger size visual into a smaller paper page while maintaining the ratio. When you print, select the fit to page settings. 

However, if you want to retain the exact size, you can go with  Normal quality for download.

Why do I have to upgrade to download more than twice?

If you're a Free user, you will only be able to download two times as this is a limitation of the free plan. For unlimited downloads, you can upgrade to the Pro or Business subscription.

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