Adding Images

Our integration with Pexels allows you to have access to a library of over 3,000+ photos and more! This feature is available to all users.

How to access the Pexels Image Library


Under the Graphics section on the left menu, select the Photos tab. 


Type a  keyword in the Search Bar to find specific images. 


Browse through the generated result and  click to select an image. The selected images will be added to your visual. 


Drag the side handlers of the inserted image to resize the image. 


Recently used photos from the Photos library should appear in the Uploads section. 

Common Questions

Can I edit my photos in Piktochart Editor? 

Currently, photo editing functions such as applying photo filters and effects are not possible in Piktochart Editor. You will need to use an external photo editing tool and then upload them into Piktochart again.

About the License of Use of Pexels Images

Pexels photos are free to use. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but is always appreciated. You can refer to their License and Terms of Use here.

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