Masking an Image

Masking an image is a way of encasing a particular image into a shape. 


Insert an image into your canvas. You can use an image from the Photo Library or Upload your own image. 


Click the image on the canvas. 


Click the  masking tool found at the top properties bar. 


Search and select a shape to mask. 


You can  drag and drop another image to replace the current image. 


To  unmask, simply click the image and the mask button again. Then click the Unmask button.   

Common Questions

How do I create a text mask? 

The first step in creating a text mask in Piktochart is finding and choosing the letters for your text mask. You may find the text frames within the Photo Frames library. 

Within the Graphics tab, select Photo Frames. 

Scroll the library to search for the letter frames.  

Next, select the letters needed to spell your word. For this example, 'W'. 

Drag the image from the Photos library or Uploads library directly over the letter frame and release your left click on your mouse. 

Double-click the frame to resize, reposition or Unmask your image. Click Done once finished. 

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