Change Colors on Chart

Easily customize and set the colors of your charts! Here's how:


Click the chart to open the Charts Settings.


Select the  Chart Settings tab.


Scroll to the bottom for the Colors settings. 


Click the colored squares under the Color settings, for the color picker tool to appear. You can easily select the color from the color picker or enter the RGB color code to set the individual colors. 


After choosing the color, click anywhere outside the color picker tool to set the color. 

Setting color for all 

You can select to use a single color for your chart to represent a single data identification. 


Toggle the One color for all series button under the Color settings in your chart. 


Select the color from the color picker or enter the RGB color code. 


Toggle the button off to set individual colors for each data value to work as identifiers. 

Setting Individual Bar Color

In order to assign individual colors to your data points, you will need to switch the columns with the rows. This is because the chart will assign individual colors to columns and not rows.

Under the Data tab, click the double-sided arrow button located in the top-left cell of the data table. The data structure of your chart will be switched reflecting the data values in the X-axis accordingly. 

You may then further customize the individual bar colors of your chart from the Charts Settings.

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