Chart Settings

After you have inserted a chart into your visual, you may want to customize your chart elements by setting them to fit your design needs. Here's how! 

Chart Title

Click your chart to open the  Charts Settings > Chart Title tab
 Toggle the Title button On to display the title. 
Key in chart title in the bar provided. 
You can position the title to appear either at the top or bottom of your chart. 

Chart Legend

If you wish to show a reference/ legend for your charts, simply turn it On/Off in the  Chart Settings: 


Click your chart to open the Charts Settings >  Legend tab. 


Adjust the placement of your legend to appear either at the bottom, top, right or left of your chart.


Customize the text of your legend through the Font tab by switching the color, text size or font family. Changes made to the font settings will be applied to the rest of the texts in the chart as well. 


For certain charts, such as the pie chart, you will see an additional option for Data Percentages. Toggle it ON/OFF if you like to display percentages in your chart legend.

Chart Axis 

Simply toggle the Axis Titles and insert text for both the X and Y-axis. 

Setting Minimum and Maximum Value

You may want to set a minimum or maximum value for an axis in your chart so you can reflect data in the way you want it.  Here's a list of the types of charts on which you can set the maximum/minimum axis values: 

  • Vertical bar chart: y-axis only
  • Triangle bar chart: y-axis only
  • Horizontal bar chart: x-axis only
  • Line chart: y-axis only
  • Area chart: y-axis only
  • Dot chart: y-axis only
  • Scatter plot: x-axis and y-axis

The data intervals will automatically adjust to the minimum and maximum values set. The custom minimum/maximum values of a chart are independent of any value in the grid. The value for the minimum/maximum is allowed to be higher or lower than the lowest/highest value. You can include decimal values and adjust the scale/axis accordingly.

Chart Grid Lines

This feature is enabled by default. However, you may access the options to turn them ON or OFF according to your preferences. 


From the Chart Settings, click Advanced Settings to view more controls option. 


Toggle OFF the Grid button. 


You may also customize the color of your grid line from the Grid Line Color tile. 

Data Formats

You can also set data formats in your chart. For example, if you want to display the number format in your chart with a decimal point, a comma, or without any decimal separators, you can do so by clicking on Chart Settings > Data Format > select the format.

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