Change or Remove Payment Method

You can change your Payment Method at any time during your subscription! 

To change or remove your credit card:


Go to the upper right corner Profile Icon → Accounts Settings


Under the  Workspace Settings section, select Plans & Billings.


Select the  Change Payment Method button. 


Select the intended new payment method, either through Card or Paypal, through Paddle. 

Click the Card button and submit the details of your intended card. Click Update Card Details to save your latest card details.


You will receive a pop-up notification once your payment method has been successfully updated.

Common Questions

Can I remove my Credit Card from my Account Settings?

Any card that is tied to a currently active subscription can't be removed. However, once you’ve canceled your recurring payment, your cards will be removed from our payment merchant, Paddle's database. 

Why was I unable to make my payment?

Check out our Payment Failure article to learn more!

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