Unlocking More Credits

The number of credits you get per month with Piktochart AI depends on the plan you are currently on:

Subscription Plan Number of Credits/member/month
Free 50
EDU/NPO Pro 500
Pro 1000
Business 3000
Enterprise 3000
  • The number of credits is renewable monthly.
  • The number of credits is by the number of seats shared across the workspace. For example, if you are part of a workspace with 3 seats, your workspace has a total shared uses of 1500 (3 seats x 500.) credits.

Here's an overview of credit consumption based on AI capabilities:

Feature AI credits per try
Generate topic 1
Summarizer (paste text/upload document) 3
Text-to-image 6

Common Questions

Can I purchase additional credits?

At the moment, it is not possible to purchase more credits from what is allocated within your current plan. Should you need more credits, you can opt for the higher subscription plan or wait until the next month for your credits to be renewed again to your account.

Can I roll over leftover credits to the next month?

No. If you have insufficient credits, you can consider upgrading your plan here.

When do my credits reset?

If you're on the Free plan, your credit resets based on your sign-up date.

If you're on a Paid plan, your credit resets on your subscription date.

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