Team: Collaboration

Piktochart Team is our collaboration product. It comes with powerful co-creative, review, branding, and permissions features, and is perfect for teams that are looking to work together on their visuals on a regular basis! With a standard, individual Piktochart account, only you can edit your work, and only from within your original account.

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To start a Team subscription: 

From your dashboard, click Level Up or go to the Pricing Page from the dropdown menu on the top right. 
Click on the Upgrade  button.
Enter your card details and payment options. 
You're all set with your Team! Learn more about how to get started on Team
Your subscription will automatically renew once the paid month or year (depending on your selected payment plan). If you do not want to move forward with Team or avoid unplanned charges, you can cancel your subscription in your Team Account Settings.

Common Questions

Is there a limited number of seats I can purchase?

There is no limit to the number of seats you can purchase! You can reach out to our friendly Sales Team on your specific needs.

Can I collaborate in real-time with my team members?

Live collaboration is not available at the moment. Currently, only one person can edit a visual at one time. If a second person tries to enter the editor, they will see an alert that the original person editing will be removed from the editor in order to let the second person in.

A user can view a visual that is being worked on by another team member by accessing the visual’s comments page.

How do we change team ownership?  

In special circumstances, you can request to change the ownership of the team to someone else on the team.  We'll need the Team Owner to get in touch with our support team to request this change, providing also the email for the new Team Owner. 

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