Dashboard for Piktochart Visual

The dashboard houses all your work. From here, you may view and manage all your saved visuals and choose the template format you'd like to use. 

Here is an overview:

To help you keep control of everything, we have also added the following features:

  • Folders. Click on each folder to see which visuals it contains. Visuals not assigned to folders appear in the section below.

  • Search bar for projects. Title similar visuals with a common word or numeral, so they show up together when you search.

  • Sort option. View your visuals based on when they were last modified or alphabetically.

Common Questions

How do I switch from the classic editor to the new editor? 

We have launched our new editor with the hope to provide an enhanced usability experience, better features (now working in progress), and a refreshed look!

Simply choose a template format (such as Infographics, Presentations, Posters, etc.) and then Edit the template. You will enter the new editor by default. 

While we want to encourage the usage of the new editor as we will slowly phase out the classic editor, we understand if you still would prefer to use the classic editor. You can hover over the template and select Use Classic Editor.

Once you have started designing a visual in the new editor or classic editor, it is not possible to switch as they are not backward compatible. 

How do I know which editor I used to create my visual?

In the dashboard, you will be able to view all of the visuals you've created. A green banner will appear underneath the visual that you created in the Beta Editor stating " Created In New Editor".

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