Social Media

You can find our Social Media format templates on the left menu.

Once you click this format, you can choose between the following subformats with the preset dimensions: 

  • Facebook Covers (820 x 312 px)
  • Facebook Posts (1200 x 630 px)
  • Twitter Headers (1500 x 500 px)
  • Twitter Posts (1024 x 512 px)
  • LinkedIn Headers (1584 x 396 px)
  • LinkedIn Posts (1104 x 736 px)
  • Instagram Posts (1080 x 1080 px)
  • Instagram Stories (1080 x 1920 px)

You can edit the templates to fit your brand and your message: the important thing is that you keep in mind the sizes so it’s easier to add to your social media profiles.

How do I share on social media? 

You can share your visual on Facebook or Twitter in three simple steps:

Give your visual a name.
Publish your visual to Public
Select Share on Social Media, as seen here:
If you need to use your creations on Instagram or LinkedIn, you'll need to download your visuals first. In order to do this:
Click on the Download option in the upper right corner of the editor. A popup will appear.
You can then choose from different download possibilities, but we recommend using PNG for these channels.

Then, you'll have to log in to your desired channel and upload the visual from your device. Done!

As the name indicates it, this format is best used in social media profiles and timelines. If you need to print your visual, we’d advice to use another format such as   Poster,   Flyer, or   Report. If you’re looking to create a long-format visual to use online, you can go ahead and check out our  infographic templates. And finally, we have amazing   Presentation templates in case you’re preparing a class or a lecture. 

Happy Piktocharting!

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