Projects and Clips


Difference between Projects and Clips

Project and Clips are two separate features on Piktochart Video. Learn how to differentiate them:


Projects are videos that you have recorded on Piktochart Video, uploaded from your computer or imported from your Google Drive or Zoom accounts. Learn more about  Importing Videos and Screencasting.

Depending on your subscription plan, your Piktochart Video account has a limit as to how many Projects can be created, as well as the Minutes Quota. 

If you would like to create more Projects, you may check out our Pricing Page


Clips are the videos that you have created from a Project. You can create as many Clips as you like from a Project. These are the videos that you can download and share with your audience. 

While Clips are created from Projects, deleting a Project will not affect the Clips that have been created. 

You are not able to edit Clips once they have been created buy you can edit Projects to create more Clips.

Creating a Clip

Creating a Clip is super simple. Here are the 3 simple steps to do that: 

Upload, import or record a video to create a Project on your Piktochart Video Dashboard
Select the portion within your Project that you want by highlighting the accompanying transcript within the Project
Click on the Export button and give your short clip a name. Then select Export Video to export that as a Clip.

You can now find your Exported Clips from the Clips panel

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