Adding, Deleting & Arranging Blocks/Pages


We designed our canvas in such a way that you can build your Piktochart visual one block at a time. It is a great way to split your visual into sections. Blocks allow you the freedom to then rearrange your visual to suit your liking.

Each block can be edited separately to have a different look and feel - or you can clone/ duplicate blocks for a unified look across multiple blocks. Build your visual out of uniformly sized blocks and turn your visual into a great visual!

Adding Blocks

There are a few ways to add a block to your visual:


From the right panel of your Editor, click the  ‘+’ icon when you hover in between 2 blocks: 


Or, click the '+' icon available on the canvas on the right. 


Or, click the '+' icon on the thumbnail at the end of the block from the right panel. 

The new block will appear below as a blank background with similar dimensions as the block you initially selected.

Deleting Block

To delete a block: 


On the right panel of your Editor, select the block you wish to delete. Click the trash button. 


The selected block will be removed immediately. 

Duplicating/Cloning Blocks 

To duplicate or clone a block: 


On the right side of your canvas, click the copy-page icon. 


The duplicated block will be added as a new block with identical elements to the selected block. 

Arranging Blocks

To re-arrange blocks: 


Using the panel on the right of the Editor, select the block you would like to arrange. 


Drag it at the intended position and drop the block on the separation line that appears. 

The 'separation line' will only appear if there are more than one existing blocks in your visual. 

You can easily scroll the page panel settings on the right and click on the selected block to preview the page on the canvas. 

Common Questions 

How do I view the Page Settings panel on the right? 

Click on the arrow icon to open the Page Settings. Repeat the same to close the panel. 


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