Changing Colors on Map

You can select the full map color, border color, and individual state/province/ region colors. Easily customize them to your liking! This will enhance your visual impact.

Changing Map Color


Click the map to open the Map Data. 


Click on the color tiles next to the list to open color pickers. A popup color picker will be available for you to select the colors. 


To change the color of the whole map, simply toggle on the One Color for All Series button and the map will be set in the selected single color. 

Otherwise, you can set the color for each individual state/region/country:

Changing Border Color 

You can change your Map Border colors if you do want the borders to be visible/invisible. 

Switch to the  Map Settings tab to open advanced settings to customize your map.

Then, toggle on/off the Border settings, and select the border color in the color picker tool. 

Customize Tooltips

You can also find additional settings to customize the tooltips when hovering over your map for interactivity.  

Simply toggle on the Tooltips button, and select either Light / Dark style. 

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