Transferring visuals

Your Piktochart visual is your own creation, and it cannot be transferred to another Piktochart account for editing. Each account is solely for the use of the person who had created the account and the visuals. We recommend you keep your password safe, as we wouldn't want another person to log in and delete or change your hard work.

If you wish to collaborate with someone else, you can invite the person to be part of the team! Learn more about inviting team members.

Common questions

Can I transfer visuals from one workspace to another workspace within the same account?

No, you cannot. Anything you create in your Workspace is only available there. These visuals will not be transferable to another Workspace due to the design of the platform for security considerations. When creating a visual that you intend to share with your team, make sure that you create it in the correct Workspace. 

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