Transferring visuals

Your Piktochart visual is your own creation, and it cannot be transferred to another Piktochart account for editing. Each account is solely for the use of the person who had created the account and the visuals. We recommend you keep your password safe, as we wouldn't want another person to log in and delete or change your hard work.

If you wish to collaborate with someone else, Team is for you! With collaboration features in Team, you can share your visuals with teammates so they can edit or comment. You can also share brand colors, assets and templates, and more!

Common questions

Can I transfer visuals from my Personal Dashboard to the Team Dashboard?

Yes, you can! Learn how to copy your visuals from your Personal Dashboard to your Team dashboard here. 

Can I transfer visuals from the Team Dashboard to my Personal Dashboard?

Due to the team ownership of assets - including visuals, templates, and uploads - these assets cannot be transferred to a personal account.

They will remain on the Team dashboard and can only be accessed when you have a Team subscription. 

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