Creating an Account

We've made the process of creating an account on Piktochart quite simple so that you can start working on your amazing creations as soon as possible!

You can choose from the following three options to create an account:

  • Sign up with Facebook 
  • Sign up with Google 
  • Sign up with Email

If you are an Enterprise user, you can also choose to sign in using SAML SSO. 

Before you proceed to your dashboard after registering for an account, you'll first need to confirm your email to verify the email that you've signed up with is indeed correct and valid.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox of the account once you've signed up. 

If you still do not receive your confirmation email, there could be two reasons:

Your email inbox is blocking external emails 
You have entered an incorrect/invalid address 
We recommend using a different email address for your Piktochart login so you can proceed. You can refer to the article on Changing Email Address

Common Questions

Why did I receive a Confirmation Email when I didn't sign up on Piktochart?

Most likely, someone tried to create a Piktochart account using your email by mistake. If this email isn’t confirmed, it won’t be added as confirmed to their Piktochart account.

The easiest thing to do is ignore the email as no one can access your email inbox. You can also delete the account on your end but that would need to go through the whole reset password system.

My email is correct but I still do not receive any confirmation email.

You can reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected] who will be happy to help you out!

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