Payment methods

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal, but unfortunately, we're not able to accept checks.

If you must use American Express, you can do so here. AmEx cards must be ones using US dollars, only. (Pro Team subscriptions cannot be purchased using AmEx, however).

If you are having problems with your PayPal account, you can make a one-time-only payment here, although this requires manual intervention and could slightly delay your Pro access.

For purchases of $290 or more, or minimum 5 licenses/seats for EDU/NPO ($199.95) for which you'd like to make a direct bank deposit, you can contact us and we'll respond with further instructions. A funds transfer such as this does take several days to complete.

Common questions

Does Piktochart charge any international country fee for transactions?

On the rare occasion that you are charged an extra fee while purchasing a PRO upgrade, please note that our company is based in Malaysia as stated on our website: We only charge flat prices, without taxes or fees, as stated on our pricing page here:

You may have received an international charge from your credit card issuer or bank. This charge is usually a small percentage surcharge that is added to transactions processed outside your country.

You will need to check with your credit card company about the additional charge, and you may want to speak with them prior to the purchase so that your account is not flagged due to concerns regarding fraud.

Can I pay with Maestro/Discover?

Our payment gateway doesn't accept Maestro or Discover. If you can't use another card - Visa/Mastercard - you can still use Paypal to complete the payment with your card.

You should be able to proceed with Guest checkout, meaning you do not need to create an account:

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