Brand Assets

Brand Assets is your go-to hub for easy access to your Brand Fonts, Brand Colors, and Brand Logos! As a Business user, you can use Brand Assets to effortlessly manage and enhance your brand identity and make your brand shine across all of your visuals. Here is a quick summary of the features you can access in Brand Assets:

Brand Fonts

Easily upload your own brand font and apply it consistently across all your visuals in Piktochart!

Business users can upload up to 10 custom fonts, while Business users enjoy the flexibility of uploading an unlimited number of fonts!

Learn how to upload your brand fonts by checking out our guide on Uploading Custom Fonts.

Brand Colors

Keep all your color palettes and schemes neatly organized in one easy-to-use section. With Brand Colors, you have the freedom to customize your color schemes and palettes to perfectly match your brand's identity. Easily upload your brand's logo, and our system will extract the colors, ensuring consistency throughout your designs. Create visually stunning graphics that resonate with your audience and reinforce your brand's image! Check out our guide to Brand Colors. Image from Gyazo

Brand Logos

Effortlessly showcase your brand's identity with Brand Logos! By uploading your logo, you can swiftly access it within the editor and seamlessly apply it across all your visuals. Enhance brand recognition and maintain consistency across your designs in just a few clicks. Uploading Brand Logos is easy!

Image from Gyazo
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