Printing Visual

As Piktochart does not include any built-in printing functions, you’ll need to first download your visual to your computer, and then print the PNG image or PDF document.

PNG is not the best file format for print. However, PNG is great when uploading your project to the web since they are usually smaller in size compare to PDF files. Please note that only Business users can download in PDF format. 

If you want a high-quality and professional print for your project, it is important that you download the right file format best suited for print. We would recommend choosing either PosterReportFlyer template for this purpose.

Infographic formats are not optimized for printing and will be ideal for online viewing.

After saving and downloading your visual to your computer, find the file you saved to your computer. Open it using your computer's photo or PDF software, and print with that application.

In most cases, you should choose the fit-to-page/ fit option in your Printer settings. 

Common questions

How do I set up my printer without white borders on my visual (bleeds or margins)?

There is no bleed set up for downloaded copies - your downloaded visual should have no white margins when downloaded. However, your printer may automatically add a fine white line on all sides of your graphic. If possible, you’ll need to go into your printer settings to turn this off.

Why is my downloaded visual blurry when printing?

There might be other factors that are affecting the quality of your print. Check:

  • The size of your design.
  • The quality of the assets you uploaded such as images (upload high-resolution images or use large images).
  • The settings on your printer.

What is the highest quality of print in DPI?

We are unable to provide you a resolution answer regarding DPI because our download quality does not measure in terms of DPI. This is mainly because PPI/DPI might not be a correct measurement for resolution.

To get the highest resolution, all you need is to make sure that the block is properly sized and choose High Quality. Our High-Quality download option is comparable to 300 DPI and higher in some cases.

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