Changing Background Color

To change your visual background color :


Click the  block you would like to edit. Then, click on the square tile, Background & Pattern located at the top of the canvas


Change the color by choosing a default color, or click the  + icon under Recent Colors to add a new color or choose a gradient color.  


Move the white circle or click the color wheel to select a gradient, or choose a completely different color using the color slider below. Another option is to insert a # HEX color code. 

You can also use the Color Dropper tool or eyedropper tool to select a color! The Color Dropper tool can grab specific colors from images, icons, shapes, etc– right into your design. 
Once the color picker is clicked on, you will see a magnifying glass appear wherever you drag your cursor. This magnified view allows you to select the precise color that you want. You can hover over any elements within the page to select the color. Click once to activate the color change.


After choosing the color, click anywhere outside the color tool to set the color.

Changing Background Image

You can also experiment with fun textures and patterns by adding a Background Image overlay to the block, and playing with the opacity. 

To remove the background overlay, simply click No Image. Your background will then only contain colors.  

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