Annotated Comments for Teams

Communication is key during a collaboration between members of a team. Piktochart's collaboration features allow a group of two or more individuals to collaborate with each other and share feedback across teams with ease! 

Here’s is how you can add comments to your project: 


Open a visual you'd like to review or comment on. 


From the visual editor, click on the  Comment button available at the top of your editor panel, 

Or, you can also access the comment function from your dashboard. If you only have comment access, then you can simply hover over the visual and click Comment

If you have both comment and edit access, then you'll need to click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the visual in order to access the Comment option. 


Once you are on the comment mode page, click on the specific area on the visual you wish to comment on. A pointer dot and comment box will appear. Simply key in your comment.  

Optional: Tag a teammate or collaborator by typing their name or @. Select them from the dropdown list. Make sure you have invited them to edit or given comment access to the visual. Learn more about how to Add a Team Member here! 

Click  Post to publish your comment.

Optimized reply function

You can reply to comments, and create threads that will improve the communication of your team! 

Enter the alias @ symbol manually using the keyboard, and a list of team members' usernames (email addresses as fallbacks if the user has no username) will appear on the dropdown.

You can mention one or several members of your team. 

If you try to mention someone who is not on your team, you’ll receive the following message:  No matches found. Keep typing an email or username.

Resolution flow

For comments that have already been worked on, you can easily hide or view them: 

Click  Mark as Solved and remove entire threads. 

To view all saved comments, click on  the Show Resolved Comments button on the top panel.

You will also be able to distinguish resolved comments with a green color and a tick mark on your canvas. 

Customizing Comments

Select the option from the Rich Text Editing menu to make your text bold, italic, or underlined. You can also press Enter to create space between paragraphs.

Reposition comments

To reposition your comments, simply drag and drop the comment point/dots to the new position you liked. The comments will reposition to the new spot. 

Exiting Comments

Once you're done, you can easily exit the Comments Mode page by clicking on the Exit Comment button and you will be directed back to the Editor. 


You will receive email notifications if you are tagged by your team members in the comments. 

If you want to switch them off, you can do so by going to your workspace Personal Profile Icon on the upper right menu → Account Settings → Workspace Settings → Workspace profile → Toggle OFF the notification setting. 

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