Piktochart New Editor

We are constantly working on improving your Piktochart experience. With you in mind, we are embarking on a new Piktochart Editor with the hope to provide an enhanced usability experience, better features (now working in progress), and a new, refreshed look! 

You will enter the New Editor by default once you click Edit Template.

We will be rolling out the improvements to New Editor in different phases. You will see that you can already perform many familiar functions such as adding icons and images, editing text, and downloading your visuals in PNG and PDF. Do stay tuned as we release more features in the next phases! 🚀

New Features

Image Cropping

One of our most requested features is image cropping, and we've brought this feature to life in the new editor! To learn how to crop your image using our masking tool, follow the steps here.

Image from Gyazo

Color Dropper Tool

Is there a color you want to use but you're not sure what the HEX code is or how to search for it? Our Color Dropper tool allows you to select a precise color from any element on a website. Check out our guide here!


You can insert a table by clicking on the More option at the bottom of the left panel menu and edit the table by double-clicking on it and entering your data. It's easily accessible and simple to edit or customize your table.

Color Schemes Improvement

To access your Color Schemes, click on the Styles option on the left panel menu and select from built-in designer color schemes or create your own! These color schemes can be saved and reused across other visuals.

Charts Improvements

We've added some really great and useful improvements to our Chart Settings, such as the ability to select your data format, and data colors, and choose from advanced options (toggle on or off the data labels, show tooltips, etc.) Customizing your chart is now a straightforward and simple mission!

Improvements in the User Interface

We've changed the placement of a few features so that you are able to access them quickly. Here are some of the features whose look and accessibility have been improved:

My Uploads

All of your uploads will be accessible from the My Files section on the left panel menu. Pro users will be able to edit, save, and reuse assets such as icons, images, and other graphics in the My Library section!

Adding, Deleting, and Rearranging Your Pages

It's now easier to rearrange, add, or delete pages in your visual! Check out our video tutorial and quick guide for this here.

Easily Replace Images

It's now easier than ever to swiftly replace the images in your canvas with just one click!

Resizing of Presentation format

With the new editor, it's possible to resize your Presentation pages to either the 4:3 ratio format or the 16:9 ratio format.

Common Questions

Why am I being asked to convert to the new editor?

We'll be phasing out the classic editor to ensure all of our users can enjoy the improved experience of the new editor and all of the new features. Since we'll no longer be maintaining the classic editor, your experience may be impacted which is why you're being asked to convert to the new editor.

What happens when I convert to the new editor?

Once you convert to the new editor, you will not be able to edit your visual in the classic editor. You'll have access to the new and improved editor with all of its enhanced features and improved user interface.

Will my visuals and assets from the classic editor be affected?

Not at all! Rest assured that all of your visuals and assets created in the classic editor will be converted automatically to the new editor and you can continue to access and work on them. However, if you do happen to come across any discrepancies while using the new editor, feel free to contact our Support Team at [email protected]!

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